The Isle of Man is a leading International Business Centre renowned for its political stability, competitive taxation regime and strong independent regulatory policies.

The Isle of Man has been described as the entrepreneur’s choice, highlighting something that we at Kreston Isle of Man have been promoting for some time. The Isle of Man government’s ethos positively encourages new industries and businesses to its shores.

Over the last 15 years it has established itself at the forefront of business innovations such as introducing a zero tax rate for all companies (except banks and companies dealing in local land transactions), leading the way in e-gaming, film production shipping and aircraft registries. It ensures that its grants and fiscal regime remains robust and competitive to new businesses with no capital taxes, inheritance or wealth taxes.

The Island is a leading International Business Centre renowned for its political stability, competitive taxation regime and strong independent regulatory policies, attracting both traditional and new tech start-up businesses such as ; IT businesses-Gaming and Clean Energy, data management, to name but a few.

As a self-governing Crown Dependency it is not part of the United Kingdom or EU, but it has a special relationship with both to aid trading with and throughout the EU. The Island’s economic strength is demonstrated by an AA rating from Standard & Poor’s and Aa1 Negative rating by Moody’s. Its inclusion on the OECD white list reflects the high levels of governance and compliance practices with global taxation standards.

The Island recently introduced the Enterprise Development Scheme which will provide grant, loan and equity investment to the sum of £50 million over a 5 year period to eligible businesses creating jobs on the Island. A positive move by an innovative government to continue to develop the Island into new and exciting areas of commerce. This support will be available to a wide range of businesses including new Isle of Man start-ups, existing expanding Isle of Man businesses and businesses wishing to relocate to the Island.

To support the robust business regime the Isle of Man’s Financial Services Authority regulates the provision of financial services in the island with an objective to protect the consumer, provider and reputation of the Isle of Man. This gives peace of mind and security to our clients.

The combination of an educated workforce, good legislation, a well-regulated environment and tax neutrality for the international company or individual, means that the Isle of Man is an excellent home for our clients’ economic centre of interest adding value to their capital wealth and protecting that hard earned success.

Consider the Isle of Man; and Kreston Isle of Man where you will be conducting business with highly qualified and well-trained staff offering innovative solutions in many areas of professional services. People you will know, like, and trust.